How to Smoothly Change Your Property Management in Rialto

Changing Your Property Management in Rialto? Here Are Some Tips

Once you hire a firm to handle your property management in Rialto, you’ll probably stick with them for a long time – but sometimes things just don’t work out.  It’s not uncommon for people to switch between property management firms, looking for better results, or to avoid personality conflicts.

However, this is a complicated process, and it needs to be handled carefully to minimize disruption to your property.  Every individual case will be different, but these are some tips we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) in our 25 years serving the Rialto area.

How To Smoothly Change Your Property Management In Rialto

1 – Establish lines of communication early

There will need to be strong communication between all three parties – yourself, the old managers, and the new managers.  This isn’t a situation where one quits, and another comes in cold.  You should be certain everyone is in communication with everyone else and working together to ensure the smoothest possible transfer of power.

A genuinely professional company will accommodate this, even if they’re the outgoing group.

2 – Tell affected employees early on

Any permanent on-site workers also need to be aware of, and involved in, the process.  This includes people such as maintenance crews, groundskeepers, etc.  If these roles are handled by outsourced companies hired by the property managers, this is less important, but it’s still fair to them to tell them that their job may be changing.

3 – Get detailed asset lists in writing

The last thing you want is for a ‘custody dispute’ over who owns the security system, or the social media accounts.  Early in the process, you should get detailed lists of every affected asset, and who owns and/or is responsible for it.  This will greatly help the transition proceed smoothly and give you a warning if a particular item or service will need to be replaced during the changeover.

4 – Tell the tenants after it happens

There’s no reason for the tenants to be involved in this process and telling them too early can lead them to try to insert themselves into the situation.  This will just cause unnecessary confusion and chaos.  However, they should be told immediately after the change in management, so they don’t still try to contact the previous managers.  A meet-and-greet party might be a good idea and help smooth any ruffled feathers.

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