Important Factors When Choosing Property Management in Hemet

The Most Important Factors When Choosing Property Management in Hemet

When you own property, it should work for you – you shouldn’t have to work for it!  That’s why more and more California landowners are turning to property management in Hemet to run their properties on their behalf.  The right property management firm can take all the burdens off your shoulders, and even increase your overall profits and tenant retention rates.

Of course, that’s dependent on finding the right Hemet property management service for you.  What are the most important factors when choosing between your options?  Here’s what to look for.

Four Critical Concerns When Researching Hemet Property Management Firms

1 – Experience

More than anything else, experience matters in a property management company.  Anyone can say they’re qualified to watch over properties, but that doesn’t mean they can do it well.  Fortunately, this is an industry where the incompetent quickly fail.  If your property management company has at least five years’ experience, they’re probably trustworthy, but the more experience the better.

2 – Their fee structure

Hiring a property management company costs money, but it should still bring you a solid return on your investment.  The most typical fee setup involves them taking 10% of the gross revenues.   They also usually charge an additional fee for filling vacancies, since that requires extra expenditures such as advertising.

If the fees are higher than that, look closely to see what you’re getting for your money.  On the other hand, there may be rules that work in your favor, like waiving the vacancy-filling fee if a unit sits empty for more than (X) months.

Speaking of…

3 – What are their average vacancy rates?

One of the biggest benefits of a property management service is that they’ll be familiar with the region and have plenty of media contacts for advertising units.  So, a management firm with high vacancy rates probably isn’t competent at their job.

Push for specific numbers.  If they only give vague answers, that’s a red flag.

4 – Knowledge of the law

Property management firms need to have genuine legal experts on staff.  This prevents them from running afoul of any housing/zoning laws, while also protecting you from scams and unjustified lawsuits.  They should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the laws or have an excellent law firm as a partner.

Property Management in Hemet

The LaBrada Group is a top choice for property management in Hemet, with 25 years of experience serving the SoCal area.  Contact us to make your property work for you!

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