How Professional Property Management in Fontana Saves You Money

If you own rental property in Fontana, you undoubtedly want to make the most on your investment – and probably while doing as little work yourself as possible.  That’s why so many Fontana property-owners turn to professional property management companies.  The right managers can maximize your returns and more than pay for themselves with superior services.

How can the right Fontana property management firm make you money?  Let’s see…

Five Ways Professional Property Management Pays Off

1 – Lowered maintenance costs

Basic maintenance and upkeep can get expensive, particularly when you’re hiring contractors for just a few properties.  On the other hand, property management firms are often managing dozens or hundreds of properties at a time.  This allows them to leverage economies of scale and arrange for maintenance at much cheaper per-building costs than a solo owner could negotiate.

2 – Better advertising brings better tenants

Experienced Fontana property management firms have close ties to all the media outlets in the area, as well as deep knowledge of how to create ads that bring good results.  This doesn’t merely spread the word about your property – it means your ads will be seen by the right people for your property and keep away those you’d prefer not to rent.

3 – Fewer vacancies

Keeping occupancy at or near 100% is one of the primary goals of a property management company.  They’ll use every trick of the trade to get appropriate tenants in your building and convince them to stay.  Many property management companies even offer occupancy guarantees, so you’ll know that your property is truly being maximized as it’s managed.

4 – Better tenant screening

You want the best people renting your property, people who will stay a long time without causing problems or damage.  The key to this is background screenings.  A good property management company will do extensive background screenings for all potential tenants and keep away those who are likely to cause problems.

5 – Fewer legal hassles 

A property management company is going to have its own legal team, with expert knowledge of relevant laws, as well as how to avert court cases before they begin.  You can avoid a lot of legal troubles by having such experienced people on your side.

The Labrada Group Knows Fontana Property Management

Since 1997, The Labrada Group has specialized in property purchasing, sales, and management across Fontana.  We know the area in depth and can bring superior returns for our management clients.  Contact us to learn more.

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