How to Simplify Changing Property Management Companies in Rancho Cucamonga

Property Management Companies in Rancho Cucamonga

How To Simplify Changing Property Management Companies in Rancho Cucamonga

Like all hired services, your current property management company in Rancho Cucamonga may not be the one you stick with permanently. Business goals change, your needs may evolve, or the company you’re currently with may simply not be capable of doing everything you need. If that’s the case, it’s time for a change.

However, switching between property management companies can be difficult and complicated, potentially even causing disruption for your tenants. The LaBrada Group has experience facilitating these changes and has a few tips for making the process go more smoothly.

Five Tips to More Easily Change Rancho Cucamonga Property Management

1 – Ensure clear lines of communication between the old and new companies

A certain amount of coordination is necessary between the incoming and outgoing property management companies, so be sure they have a clear line of communication. This, by itself, will make the process much easier.

In particular, focus on personnel who work directly with tenants, such as those who handle leases and contracts.  Ideally, there should be no disruption to the tenants or prospective new tenants.

2 – Talk to your on-site team

The change in property management company will also affect any on-the-ground workers who are permanently employed, such as handymen or gardeners. They should be part of this process and, at least, fully aware of everything that’s going on, so they won’t be surprised by any management changes.

3 – Prepare for any computer/data systems changes

Often property management companies will be using different computers or database systems. Get as much information as you can about the electronic changes which will be made, so you’ll be prepared to handle issues like data migration or computer system retraining if needed.

4 – Document everything in writing

Simply put, the more documentation you generate, the less likely there are to be legal hassles. Document all physical assets which are involved, social media accounts, videos, and more, to ensure ownership is clear. Also check on warranties on machinery such as air conditioners to see what requirements are attached, such as mandatory maintenance.

5 – Only tell residents after the fact

The change in property management companies really shouldn’t involve the residents/tenants at all, and there’s no reason for them to be involved upfront. They can potentially just make the situation more complicated. However, be sure to inform them after the changeover has occurred.

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