Understanding the Roles of Different Types of Property Managers

Understanding the Roles of Different Types of Property Managers

When it comes to professional property management, many different property management companies in Upland, The LaBrada Group included, provide services to all different types of properties. This can often make it difficult to determine whether a property management company will be right for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled some insight here to help you understand the many different roles property managers play on a daily basis. Here are the most common types of properties we manage!

Single-Family Residential

This type of property management is for individual homes that you’re renting out to tenants. Often, a professional property management company will manage a portfolio of different homes throughout the Upland area. They’ll be responsible for fielding tenant requests and issues, managing rent collection, keeping the property well-maintained, and anything else your tenants need.

Multifamily Residential

Property managers in control of multifamily residential properties are often taking care of condos or apartment complexes. The responsibilities of multifamily residential property management teams are usually the same as managing a single-family residential property. However, since there are multiple tenants, there is often a need for property managers to implement strict rules and regulations for all the tenants to be on the same page.

HOA Management

HOA management is more community-based and often involves overseeing entire communities or neighborhoods. Unlike managing single-family homes or multi-residential units, HOA management often includes things like creating resident guidelines and enforcing rules as an HOA manager. It also calls for much better time management, as property managers will be dealing with whole communities, rather than a handful of tenants.

Commercial Property Management

This type of property management also includes managing tenant relationships, but the duties are more connected with building operations when it comes to commercial properties. This means they will be responsible for the continued cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of commercial properties and need to have a clear understanding of the various local ordinances and compliance requirements for maintaining a commercial facility.

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