5 of the Most Common Property Management Responsibilities

5 of the Most Common Property Management Responsibilities

Whether you own a small, single-family unit or a multi-family residential rental property, keeping up with the management can often be a little overwhelming. This is especially true for those that own multiple rental properties, which is why many enlist the services of a residential property management company like The LaBrada Group.

However, if you’re wondering what some of the main responsibilities a property management team performs, we’ve collected them here for you!

1. Finding New Tenants

One of the foremost duties of a reliable property management company will be finding tenants to occupy your property. This often means they’re responsible for marketing your property and finding the ideal tenants for you. They’ll post ads in all of the necessary places and online to obtain the greatest reach.

2. Tenant Screening

Another important duty of a property manager is to screen potential tenants to ensure they’re the right fit. This often includes checking up on the past properties where they’ve lived, as well as running a criminal background and credit check. By screening tenants, a good property manager can easily determine who’s a right fit and who isn’t.

3. Handling Complaints

Unfortunately, running a residential property often means there are complaints from tenants. This could be something as simple as a broken laundry room or more complex, such as a particular tenant having too many late-night parties. It can be one of the more uncomfortable aspects of owning a rental property, but a property manager will have experience dealing with every type of situation and be able to find a solution to any issues/complaints.

4. Setting, Collecting, & Adjusting Rents

These days, many landlords offer options to pay rent online. However, even if your tenants are paying online or via direct deposit, a property management team will still be responsible for ensuring that rent is paid on time, as well as setting and adjusting the rent as needed.

5. Property Maintenance

Lastly, one of the most important jobs of a property manager is to handle the maintenance of your property. This ensures that it remains in great shape and keeps your tenants happy, reducing turnover. Maintenance duties often include things like changing light bulbs and repairing any home fixtures or equipment to ensure your tenants remain safe.

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