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If you own a property in Upland, chances are you don’t have any shortage of potential tenants. However, there’s more to running a residential property in California than simply handing out the keys. That’s why The LaBrada Group is here to help, offering full-service property management solutions throughout Upland.

Our management team offers a quick response to our tenants because they’re all located in Upland. Some of the other benefits of our professional property management services include:

  • Tenant Retention: We can help you keep your tenants, rather than have to look for new ones year after year.
  • Rapid Response: The LaBrada Group responds ASAP to every inquiry we receive.
  • Conflict Management: Although conflicts between yourself and tenants tend to be rare, they do occasionally happen. However, we have the tools to resolve them in a calm, professional manner.
  • Connections: The LaBrada Group is well-established in the Upland area and maintains many professional relationships with some of the very best contractors, electricians, and landscapers meaning you’ll receive the best service.
  • Rent Collection: We can help with collecting rent from your tenants each month, as well as pursuing late payments and taking legal action when necessary.

Our Residential Property Management Services in Upland, CA

In addition to the services and benefits mentioned above, The LaBrada Group is equipped to perform residential property management services including:

  • Hiring vendors for maintenance and repairs
  • Bookkeeping
  • Expense review
  • Lease reviews
  • Lease negotiations
  • Property inspections
  • Tax, mortgage, and insurance payments
  • Background checks
  • Lease signings
  • Monthly rent collection
  • Assessment of lease violations
  • Lease enforcement
  • Fulfillment of service requests

Make The Most Of Your Upland Property

More property-owners are choosing property management in Upland because of the area’s great potential for profit, and its enduring popularity among locals and visitors alike. Located only a little more than 30 miles from Los Angeles, it’s a great suburb for commuting, with easy access to all of LA’s sights – without the hassle of living in LA.

It’s also a gorgeous place to live and work on its own merits, with the San Gabriel Mountains – and their famous Mt. Baldy – providing a perpetually beautiful backdrop to the north. The area is steeped in history, as well. It was settled long into pre-history by native tribes, before becoming a part of the “Old Spanish Trail” under Spain’s rule during the colonial period.  Then and now, it was an important trading center.

Today, the area is home to roughly 75,000 people, and the average property value is nearly $350,000. Property in Upland is an excellent investment, and you can make the most of that investment when you partner with The LaBrada Group.

How The LaBrada Group Stands Out

Property management companies in Southern California come and go, but The LaBrada Group is an institution. For twenty-five years, we’ve provided the best in property management in Upland, as well as the surrounding areas.  This gives us the experience edge!

We can take over management of your residential rental properties, or any other property you own, and help you maximize your profits. Our extensive knowledge of the area, its zoning and property laws, its people, and the local media outlets means we can make the most of virtually any piece of property.

If you’re tired of the hassle of managing your own properties, and want to sit back and enjoy your profits, contact The LaBrada Group to learn more.

Contact us for your property management needs in Upland today!

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