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When you own rental properties, that property should be working for you – not the other way around!  Why do all the management work yourself, when you could sit back and let professionals handle all the details while you enjoy the profits?

The LaBrada Group has more than twenty years’ experience in Fontana property management.  We offer an extensive range of services aimed at making property management simple, easy, and highly affordable.  With The LaBrada Group on your side, your properties will be managed with utmost care.  We look after every property like it’s our own!

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Our deep knowledge and experience in real estate allow us to offer more than other property management groups.  With The LaBrada Group on your side, you’ll get:

Prompt maintenance.  We know that maintaining your Fontana property values means keeping up with maintenance.  Our team will promptly respond to every complaint, keeping your tenants happy and your property value high.

Resolution of legal issues.  With more than two decades in Fontana property management and real estate, our agents and our lawyers know Fontana area laws inside and out.  We’ll take care any of legal problems before they inconvenience you.

High-quality advertising.  The competition for tenants is fierce.  We’ll advertise your property in numerous sources to ensure it’s seen by those best suited to live in it.

Extensive tenant vetting.  Our team thoroughly vets every tenant, including background checks, to ensure only the best people stay at your properties.

Dealing with problem tenants.  We’ll take care of any problem tenants before they become your problem.

12-month tenant guarantees.  We stand by our vetting!  If your new tenant doesn’t last at least one full year, we’ll find you a new tenant at no additional cost.

Guided move-ins.  It’s easy for a Fontana property to become damaged during move-ins, so we’re always on-hand to assist tenants while making sure nothing goes wrong.

Excellent communication throughout.  We won’t leave you in the dark.  You’ll receive frequent communication and updates about the state of your property, so you’ll always feel fully informed about its status.

Empowered property management.  The LaBrada Group provides a comprehensive list of services to all of our Fontana property management clients.  We’re open, honest, and transparent, especially when it comes to property owner-tenant relationships.  Not only do we maintain the highest level of customer service, but we’re also committed to the highest ethical standards, setting us apart from the rest.

24/7 comprehensive property management.  Do you have an issue that needs to be resolved immediately?  The LaBrada Group is here for you nights, weekends, and holidays, whenever you need us!  Our experienced team knows how to expertly handle everything from damaged water lines to power outages.  We’ve seen every kind of issue you can imagine and are equipped to come up with a timely solution, day, or night.  When there’s a problem with one of your properties, one of our staff members will be on-site ASAP to assess the damage and create an action plan.

We help tenants find properties quickly.  Do you need help filling your vacant properties in Fontana?  With The LaBrada Group it’s no problem.  We’ve developed a reputation over the years for finding reliable tenants fast.  Our leasing agents are always available to take the calls of potential tenants and set up a meeting that works with their schedule.  We can show them an apartment as soon as it’s empty.  If still occupied, our Fontana property management team will work out a good time with the current tenants to show interested parties the location and provide a guided tour.

We’re Standing by And Waiting for Your Call

There’s no reason to manage your own Fontana property when you could partner with our team at The LaBrada Group.  We’ll take those burdens away, allowing you to truly enjoy your status as a property owner.

To learn more about our Fontana property management services, just contact The LaBrada Group.

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