Property Management in Rialto

A growing number of Rialto property owners are choosing to let property management companies handle their investments – and it’s easy to see why!  When you have highly experienced and professional Rialto property managers on your side, you get to enjoy all the perks of being a landlord, without all the stress.

If you choose The LaBrada Group for property management in Rialto, you can sit back and relax.  We have over twenty years’ experience in real estate and land management, with an extensive track record of success.  When you partner with us, you get excellent property management at highly reasonable rates.

Why invest in Rialto

As the 69th largest community in California, Rialto is a great location to invest in.  With 21 distinct neighborhoods and a population of approximately 104,000 residents, there are plenty of attractive investment opportunities just for you.  Some of the most important things to consider are that in Rialto, the monthly average market rent is $1,656 and appreciates approximately 5.35% each year.  This means that you’ll receive a great return on your investment quickly.

The Rialto Property Management System from The LaBrada Group

At The LaBrada Group, we understand that every property and tenant is different, which is why our Rialto property management system is designed to be personal to suit your needs.  When you place your trust in us, you’ll be working with a full-time property manager assigned to your property that services as the point of contact for vendors, tenants, and yourself.  Communication is our top priority and we offer around-the-clock support to all of our clients.  When it comes to maintenance, we ensure all your properties are pristine and if there are any issues due to tenant negligence, they’re the ones that pay the price, not you.

Find the Right Tenants

You can’t let just anyone stay at your Rialto property.  We’ll advertise it extensively in appropriate outlets which will attract the sort of tenant you’re looking for.  We then conduct extensive vetting, including background and credit checks, to ensure they can be trusted with your property.

We’re so certain of our tenant selection process that we will guarantee them for twelve months!  If they leave in less than a full year, we’ll find a new tenant for you at no additional cost.

See Your Property Taken Care Of

As both Rialto property managers and real estate agents, we know how important maintenance is!  We’ll promptly take care of any maintenance issues when reported and help ensure your property values stay high.  Your wallet and your tenants will be happier that way.

We even oversee all move-ins personally to ensure no damage is done, and the tenant is fully satisfied.  We take care of every property as though it’s our own.

Problems?  Not for You!

No rental business runs perfectly.  There will always be the occasional problem tenant or legal issue.  We specialize in taking care of any unexpected issues that arise.  With our long history of property management in Rialto and surrounding areas, we’re well familiar with the laws in the area – and so are our lawyers.

Any such problem will be taken care of promptly before it becomes a problem for you.

Our Rialto Property Management Guarantees

You can be confident in the guarantees offered by our Rialto property management team.  We offer a 30-day rental guarantee for filling vacant properties, in addition to guaranteed results.  This means you don’t pay a dime until you’re satisfied with our property management services.  Additionally, we offer guarantees for leasing, owner distribution, reachability, and pet damage.

Partner with The LaBrada Group for Top-Quality Rialto Property Management

Your property should be working for you, not the other way around.  With The LaBrada Group as a partner, being a landlord is easy and stress-free.  We do the hard work, while you enjoy your success.

To learn more about our Rialto property management services, just contact us.

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