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Claremont Owners Choose The LaBrada Group For Top-Quality Property Management

Are you still managing your own Claremont properties?  That means dealing with endless problems, ordering maintenance, arguing with tenants, and having to be by the phone 24/7 in case there’s a problem.

But why go to that effort when there’s a better way?  With The LaBrada Group by your side, you can sit back and relax while your properties make you money, without all the hassle!  We have over twenty years of experience in real estate and property management in Claremont, making us one of the top choices when a Claremont owner needs great property management.

The LaBrada Group Serves All of Claremont

There’s a reason why Claremont was voted one of the most attractive places to live in 2007, it’s because it boasts a rich architectural and cultural history.  It’s also home to some of the world’s leading universities, including many modeled after Ivy league establishments like Oxford and Cambridge.  Claremont has a thriving community and commercial district, making it a great place for families, young professionals, and everyone in between.

All of these factors make Claremont an extremely attractive location to invest in property.  The city boasts housing opportunities for every kind of individual.  There are plenty of single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums designed for every type of lifestyle.

Why Choose The LaBrada Group for Property Management in Claremont

We go above and beyond compared to other Claremont property management groups, offering:

Extensive advertising.  Thanks to our extensive experience in area real estate, we have access to numerous media outlets in the area.  We can ensure your property gets an extensive ad push, through outlets that will attract the kind of residents you want.

Every tenant is thoroughly vetted.  We won’t let just anybody stay at your property.  We make sure that everyone is thoroughly vetted, including background checks, to ensure that they can be trusted to treat your property well.

Twelve-months guaranteed.  We know you want long-term residents, and that’s what we look for.  We’re so certain of our vetting process that if a tenant leaves in less than a full year, we’ll find you a new tenant for the property free of charge.

Move-in oversight.  There’s no time a property is more likely to get damaged than during the move-in process – and that’s why we’re always on hand when it happens.  We make sure the new tenant is happy and settled in, while also preventing any accidents that might decrease your property value.

Your problems become our problems.  We handle all the Claremont property management issues that might come up, such as maintenance issues, legal challenges, or tenant complaints.  We want you to relax and see your property income roll in, not get bogged down in the details.

Constant communication.  We know you’re putting trust in us, and we don’t keep you in the dark.  We’ll contact you regularly with everything you need to know and ensure you’re always in the loop.

Residential Property Management in Claremont

The LaBrada Group also specializes in residential property management, offering extensive services for everything from single-family homes to apartments, condos, and more.  Our residential rental management services are specially personalized for your property.  We’ll sit down and discuss your needs and expectations and create a Claremont property management plan just for you.  We’re committed to minimizing vacancy rates and keeping down owner expenses, in addition to ensuring all of your tenants are happy.  This enables you to focus your time and resources elsewhere and get the best ROI on your Claremont investment property.

The LaBrada Group has extensive experience in the area.  We know communication is key, so we’re available for you and your tenants 24/7.  Additionally, when you trust us with your residential property management services, we’ll protect you from the legal liabilities that come with owning a property.

Contact Us for Property Management in Claremont

The LaBrada Group makes it easy to be a Claremont landlord.  It’s as simple as that.  If you’re ready to take the easy road to rental property ownership, contact us for more about property management in Claremont.

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