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Owning and managing commercial rental properties is a careful balancing act.  The property must be properly maintained and kept up to attract the best in tenants and customers, while still achieving profitability.  This can be a difficult balance to maintain for those who are new to real estate management, which is why San Bernardino property owners turn to The LaBrada Group.

We are highly experienced real estate professionals with decades of experience in sales, rentals, and real estate management.  We can oversee your properties on your behalf, maximizing your profits while ensuring only top-quality tenants are accepted.

With The LaBrada Group on your side, you get:

Smart balancing of expenses and investment 

Ideally, a rental property operates at a minimum predictable expense while bringing in the most in returns that the market will bear – but property isn’t static.  Your properties will need periodic renovations, upgrades, and other investments aimed at maintaining or improving the property’s attractiveness and value.  We’ll work with you, suggesting property investments aimed at increasing your ROI and making the property even more attractive to renters.

Practical repositioning to maximize returns

Is your property being put to best use?  We go beyond simple real estate management, looking at the bigger picture.  We’ll evaluate its current position versus similar properties in the area, seeking ways that the property might be repositioned to bring in even greater returns.  Of course, all suggested changes will be fully discussed with you beforehand, including the risks and potential rewards.

Achieving the capitalization rate you desire

The capitalization rate on your property can say a lot about its value as an investment.  Properties with high cap rates are bringing in higher amounts of income but maybe unstable if their underlying property value is too low.  Properties with lower cap rates will see slower rates of return, but with more stability in the investment.  You tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll make it happen.

Ready to sell?  We’ve got you covered

Because we’re active in real estate sales as well as property management, we’re your top choice in San Bernardino if you’ll be looking to sell your commercial property.  We’ll work with you to evaluate its value, suggest renovations, and then use all our resources to find you the perfect buyer.

For easy low-risk commercial property management with an emphasis on success, you want The LaBrada Group.  Click here to contact us.

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