Services Provided By a Property Manager in Rialto

If you are a property owner in Rialto, it is important to have a property manager who can provide the services you need. If you’re looking for property management in Rialto, you’ve come to the right place. A property manager can help with everything from finding tenants to handling repairs and maintenance. Here is a list of some of the services typically provided by a property manager in Rialto:

Tenant Screening and Placement

One of the most important services a property manager can provide is screening and placing tenants. A good property manager will run a background check, credit check, and verify employment before approving a tenant.

Rent Collection

A property manager is responsible for collecting rent from tenants each month. If a tenant falls behind on rent, the property manager will work with the tenant to get them caught up.

They will typically do this by sending a late notice or giving the tenant a grace period. If the tenant still does not pay, the property manager will start the eviction process.

Maintenance and Repairs

A property manager is responsible for handling all maintenance and repair requests from tenants. A good property manager will have a list of reputable vendors that they use for repairs and maintenance.

They will also handle all emergency repairs that need to be done after hours or on weekends. This is going to reduce your stress immensely in the long run.

Lease Negotiation and Drafting

A property manager will negotiate and draft leases for new tenants. A good property manager will make sure that the lease is fair to both the tenant and the property owner.

Think about all the leases a property management company goes through in a year. They have the experience to know whether they are drafting the right lease for your property. There will also be a template that has worked for property owners in the past that they will have readily available.

Financial Reporting

A property manager will provide you with monthly financial reports detailing income and expenses. This is a great way to keep track of how your property is performing.


Unfortunately, sometimes evictions are necessary. If a tenant doesn’t pay rent or violates the lease agreement, the property manager will begin the eviction process.

Your Property Management in Rialto, Made Easy

As you can see, there are many services that a property manager can provide. If you need property management in Rialto, contact The LaBrada Group for a consultation today, and find your next property management partner.

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